I’m Dying Over These Adorable Wallpapers

kid's play room

One of my dear friends just bought a beautiful new home and enlisted my help with some small upgrades to the already lovely space. She wanted to use wallpaper which was music to my ears as I tend to love the pattern, color, and texture papers bring to create unique spaces. While on the hunt for something for their first floor powder room, I found myself repeatedly drawn to the cutest papers that would be amazing in any kids space. I mean, sure “adult” wallpaper for the powder room is fun, but the kids stuff? That’s where the real gems are to be found. Check out some of my favorites below.

cactus wallpaper

Cactus Removable Wallpaper, Urban Outfitters, $39/panel

Flamingo Stripe Wallpaper

Flamboyance Wallpaper, House of Hackney, $191/roll

Dog Sketch Wallpaper

Dog-a-Day Wallpaper, Anthropologie, $118/roll

Car Toile Wallpaper

Toile-de-Derby Wallpaper, Flat Vernacular, $150/roll

Tres Chic Wallpaper

Tres Chic Wallpaper, Flavor Paper, $300/roll

Toucan Wallpaper

Terry Toucan Wallpaper, Walnut Wallpaper, $94/roll

Watermelon Wallpaper

San Watermelon Wallpaper, Jimmy Cricket, $32/meter

Snow Fox Wallpaper

Fox in the Snow Wallpaper, Lake August, Price Upon Request

Ok, so of all of these cute-as-can-be-patterns, which one is your fave?

Elizabeth Foster